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A Turn Key Service, One-stop Supplier

We offer a full service starting with the compound innovation, followed by a marketing concept right through to manufacturing the drink so you receive a “ready-to-go” product that matches your exact specifications.

The first step is to understand the end product that you have in mind, how it should look, smell and, of course, taste. This might, for example, be a drink containing fruit juice, an energy drink or a cocktail. Our team will produce the compound in line with your instructions.


of customer-specific products



Everything from a single source

Product development, marketing & production

Expert support

If required we will also assist you with marketing (concept, design & form of packaging) as well as the production, logistics and transferring of the product into the desired glass container or pouch. We have long-standing partners who support us in this task.
If preferred, you can choose for us to only undertake specific steps. The flexibility is yours. Our service options offer the benefit of product development, marketing and manufacturing from a one-stop shop.

Fruit in all its forms

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