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Your Partner for Polyphenol Extracts

We are specialised in polyphenol fruit extracts produced from elderberry, blackcurrant, aronia, strawberry and bilberry. They’re used in dietary supplements, OTC products, functional foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical formulations.

Through our trendsetting technologies and many years of research we can ensure that our extracts contain a guaranteed minimum amount of specified functional ingredients.

The health benefits of our active ingredients are clinically validated through scientific research and clinical studies. Collaboration partners include University of Graz, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Pharmacognosy, Charité Medical University Berlin, the Griffith University Queensland School of Pharmacy, the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), Australia, and the University of Derby in the UK.

The polyphenol product range comprises:

Guaranteed Dosage

of active ingredients

Authenticated and Traceable

for Nutraceuticals & OTC & Pharma

European sourced fruit

for the optimum polyphenol content

Clinical studies

ongoing to substantiate Efficacy

Liquid Extract

Used by the pharma and nutritional industries for health and well-being solutions. Formulated into liquid supplements, lozenges and functional drinks. Water soluble and standardised on polyphenols and anthocyanins for dosage application.

Read more about our revolutionary Iprona Polyhenol Technology (IPT), which preserves the matrix of the entire fruit during processing.

Powdered Extract

The powdered extracts are spray-dried to specified polyphenol and anthocyanin parameters.
These ingredients are suitable for capsules, gels, lozenges, sachets, droppers, effervescent tablets and gummies. 

*Craft® Product line

Craft® extracts use the proprietary Iprona Polyphenol Technology (IPT).

Iprona Polyphenol Technology (IPT) is an entirely mechanical, solvent-free separation, concentration and enrichment ultra-filtration process.

This process utilises specially-designed membranes with different pore sizes to separate pressed fruit juice into two streams based on the sizes of the molecules. Larger molecules including polyphenols, anthocyanins and polysaccharides are concentrated in one direction, smaller molecules such as fructose and mineral salts in another. This methodology allows for extracting without resorting to using solvents, and the phytonutrient fruit matrix of the berry is maintained.

The *Craft® product range comprises liquid and powdered extracts:

  • ElderCraft® - Black Elderberry Extracts
  • CurrantCraft® Blackcurrant Extracts
  • NerinaCraft® - Black Strawberry Extracts
  • AroniaCraft® - Chokeberry Extracts
  • BilCraft® - Bilberry Extracts
  • CherryCraft® - Cherry Extracts
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