IPRONA’s harvest

Harvest forecasts are a tricky but important part of planning our business. Here’s a short overview of what we expect this year’s harvest to be like.

Apple growers faced multiple challenges this year. The winter was too warm, the spring too dry and other weather phenomena such as cold waves have affected the systems selectively and could ultimately influence the quantities. Despite that, the supply from orchards in Germany is estimated to be sufficient this year. After a very bad harvest in 2019, juice producers can fill their warehouses again with their own goods.
In South Tyrol, where IPRONA is located, the apple harvest has started and all harvest workers have to be tested for COVID-19.

The quantities of raw material have decreased somewhat due to the bad weather and the quality is expected to be below average.

The summer varieties have already been harvested. We have seen good quality goods with a very high proportion of whole fruits.
The harvest of the autumn varieties starts properly in mid-August and the condition of the crop is satisfactory. Summer varieties are expected to account for around two-thirds of the total harvest, with the rest coming from autumn varieties.

Blueberry myrtillus
In Ukraine, the harvest has already ended and the quantities were lower than last year. Scandinavia was able to come to terms with the Thai government and fly in pickers for its harvest. COVID-19 is affecting the price.

The harvest has started and the quality is comparable to other years +/- 0.5BX. The quantity looks set to exceed the level of the last harvest.

The demand for elderberry products is very high due to the coronavirus. The harvest time has been postponed by about 2 weeks. The harvest in Hungary is planned for mid-August, while the Austrian elderberry will not be harvested until the end of August. According to initial forecasts, the final yield could be slightly below longtime average this year.

The apricot harvest ended much earlier than in normal harvest years as product availability is very limited.

The availability of peaches for industry is very limited. The harvest season, like that of apricots, will end much earlier.

Red currant
The harvest has already ended and the raw material is available. The estimated total amount is 37,000 tons for 2020. Demand is not high, the supply of red currants is expanding and the quality remains at the level of the previous year.

Sweet cherry
The harvest has already ended. The quantities and quality are at the same level as last year.

Sour cherry
The harvest of the varieties “Lutowka” and “Nadwislanska” is in progress in Poland. The quality is very good and, according to the Foodnews report, the total amount will be higher than last year.

The harvest in Poland is done and the quality of the berries is good. As demand is very high, the situation on the market is still tense.

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