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Presi dalla frutta dal 1981...

...e ne siamo innamorati come se fosse il primo giorno.

Negli oltre quarant'anni di storia della nostra azienda di strada ne abbiamo fatta molta. Abbiamo sviluppato nuove tecnologie, creato prodotti innovativi e incrementato le nostre attività commerciali in tutto il mondo per poter continuamente offrire ai nostri clienti la garanzia di una qualità superiore e un ampio assortimento di prodotti.

Questo ci rende partner di prima scelta nell'ambito di food, beverage, nutrition e health.

La nostra gamma di prodotti comprende

  • concentrati di bacche, agrumi e frutti tropicali a infusi e coloranti alimentari
  • estratti polifenolici funzionali
  • basi per bevande su misura delle esigenze del cliente.



IPRONA has partnered with Northumbria University to study the effects of CherryCraft® European Tart Cherry Extract on sports recovery. The three-year research collaboration will investigate the potential for the extracts to address fatigue and improve recovery from athletic exertion.


Northumbria University is a leading academic center for sports and exercise research. Having worked in the space for 40 years, the research center is now one of the top 10 sport universities in the UK and has a growing reputation for international research excellence. That reputation led IPRONA to partner with Northumbria University’s Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation to study CherryCraft®.
Led by Glyn Howatson, Professor in Human and Applied Physiology at the university, a research team will run a series of clinical studies of the sports recovery benefits of the extract. Howatson’s earlier work has contributed to support of numerous international athletes including Olympic medallists.

The ability to recover quickly from exercise is crucial to athletes who train or compete on single and consecutive days. A quick recovery can reduce resting times between exercise and enhance overall athletic performance, driving a search for products that can accelerate the process. That search has led researchers to naturally derived polyphenol-rich compounds, which help recovery due to their high anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant content. The Vistula cherries used to make CherryCraft® are rich in polyphenols and previous work has shown tart cherry extracts improve recovery from damaging bouts of exercise by attenuating declines in muscle strength and by reducing pain.

The Northumbria University studies will provide more evidence of the effect of CherryCraft® and assess the bioavailability of the extract to determine the optimal dose. IPRONA makes CherryCraft® using whole cherries and its proprietary water extraction technology to serve the sports recovery market, resulting in a full-spectrum extract that is standardized to 9% polyphenols.

We will be glad to keep you up-to-date on this study if you write us an email at

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